Custom Furniture, Woodworking, Woodworking ShopWoodworking and designing projects was always enjoyable for me as I grew up. Back in the day when I was a kid, I would make cages for animals that I kept. During those times, the equipment that I used were the basic hand tools, so I learned on my own how to build with wood.

After graduating from college, moving into an apartment in a new city, I didn't have the big moving van with all the furniture, including the stuff that goes with it. Just boxes filled with clothes and no furniture. At that time, I thought the apartment was big, which it was minus the furniture. So, I bought some DIY (do it yourself) books on furniture building and tools. Soon I had a dining room table with chairs, platform bed, night stands, coffee table, and other pieces.

As time continued, to relax, I would take pictures of furniture or other wood items that I liked, draw it on paper, add a few changes, then build it. That was more satisfying than running to the store and buy a mass produced product. Wood products that were different and had a design would always catch my eye.

Through this journey, my career has been sales; industrial, commercial, and the real estate industry. Also, self-taught equity trader and how to be technologically savvy. This is all due to my drive to be creative and always thrive to learn something new.

Working with wood has been a great outlet for my creative side. I have been fortunate to have the aptitude to design, draw, and build with wood. It's a talent that takes time to develop.

Ocean West Designs was created with a concept of custom designed furniture to give that personality that everyone will enjoy for years.