We Ship Furniture Nationwide

Shipping crate

We ship nationwide. 🚚🚚 Each table or other pieces are shipped in a custom built crate. There are no standard sizes. It takes time to figure the dimensions to accommodate the piece. First, a 3D drawing 💻 is made to get the correct measurements, then the construction starts. It is so important that the piece does not move inside during shipping. We use straps to keep the piece from moving. 

Shipping Crate
Customers always wonder why shipping is so expensive. First of all, tables that we build are heavy and with the weight of the crate, they can weigh 400 to 500 lbs., depending on the size. Shipping is determined by size - length, width, weight, and distance. There is a formula to determine the density and freight class. With large tables, the crate can be considered oversize, which adds to the cost. Also, when delivering to a residence, there are additional services such as residential delivery and lift gate service. There is a lot that happens to get the furniture from the shop to the customer. It's not like shipping a box of chocolates...

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