Design in 3D

Designing on paper takes a bit of time and is not that accurate. It gives the general idea of what the product will look like and has measurements, plus I draw mainly in 2D. This weekend, I decided to try out SketchUp by Google. It is a 3D program to design products. At first, I couldn't get the program to design like I wanted. There was a step that I was missing. Usually, I can figure out a program in a short time. So, I went to the tutorials that SketchUp have and they didn't really go into every step; quick and short versions. Now, I'm thinking, where can I get some instructions that make sense so that I can "get it." After some searching on the web, I found a site that explains how to use SketchUp in detail. Here it is: SketchUp for woodworkers. They have ten video tutorials that teach you how to use SketchUp. Now, using SketchUp is easy and fun.